Afrikaans Rapper Angie Oeh Dies: “She Was Not In Pain”

Afrikaans Rapper Angie Oeh Dies: “She Was Not In Pain” - The Times Post
Afrikaans Rapper Angie Oeh Dies: “She Was Not In Pain”.

Angelique “Angie Oeh” Greeff, a 24-year-old Afrikaans rapper, has died.

The star was battling stage 4 lung cancer.

Pierre-Henri “Peach” van Pletzen, a fellow musician and collaborator, confirmed her death.

“Our dearest Angie is gone. She died yesterday, 19 Aug, at 17:24 in Pretoria at the age of 24. Her partner, mother and I were with her until the end and she was not in pain.”

Peach described Angie as “an incredible person who in a very short time made a big impact on many people’s lives”.

“Under that seemingly tough exterior was one of the softest and most beautiful people I’ve ever met. Life is so fragile and unpredictable”.


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Late in December 2021, Angie was diagnosed with sarcoma, a type of malignant tumour that grows in connective tissue. Early last year, the baseball-sized tumour was removed. She was diagnosed with cancer again less than two years later.

The artist expressed her vulnerability and fear on Instagram earlier this week.

“Every time I have just a little time to think I cry like a p**sy. How the f**k does something like this happen so fast without you even knowing or feeling it?

“Now I am so sick, I have to ask someone to give me bottle of water standing right next to me. I am f*ck*ng 24.

“Tomorrow, I have to get a life-changing operation and after that six months of chemo. I don’t have the emotional strength or the money to do this”.

A Back a Buddy campaign was started last week to raise funds for her cancer treatment. It received R278 478.24 in donations.


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