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The Times Post is a publication dedicated to serving the public, which means there may be times when you’ll need to contact us. Below are different reasons why you may need to reach us and how to do so.

Send Us The News Tip

Do you have a news tip or firsthand account of something to pass along to our reporters? Here’s how to send us a news tip. (Please make sure to follow our instructions on how to send us the scoop to avoid getting into trouble.)

Report A Correction Or Typo

Though we work to distribute error-free articles to our readers, we recognize the fact that our writers and reporters are human and are prone to mistakes. If you have spotted any typo error or information you are sure is not correct, please contact us and submit the correction.

Advertise On The Times Post

Contact us to discuss advertising and possible collaborations.

Press Inquiries

Contact us if you are a member of the press seeking information about The Times Post.

Join Times Post Team

Find out if The Times Post is currently hiring and what to do to join the team.

RSS Feeds Terms of Service

Contact us to obtain republishing rights for original The Times Post articles or videos.

Submit Opinion to The Times Post

Contact us to submit opinions on different topics including politics, news, lifestyle, and sports. Business promotional content submitted in the guise of an opinion will not be published.

Submit Press Releases

We understand that your press release is intended to provide information, create an official statement, or make an announcement about a new product or event. Contact our customer care to discuss requirements before submitting the press release.

If you would like to discuss anything that has not been mentioned above, kindly contact us using the following channels.


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