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Submit an anonymous News Tip

The Times Post offers several ways to securely send information and documents to Times Post journalists. Although no system is 100% secure, these tools attempt to create a more secure environment than that provided by normal communication channels.

Please review the fine print before using any of these tools so you can choose the best option for your communication needs. In addition to using one of these tools, we recommend that you:

  • Use a secure computer to communicate with us—one that does not maintain enterprise software or malware that might be used to record your activities;
  • Use an operating system that helps preserve your privacy and anonymity, such as Tails;
  • Delete trails of communication that you store on your computer, such as copies of messages or your secure codename assigned when using the service;
  • Run any files you send to us through a metadata-scrubbing tool to minimize the risk of unintentionally sending us information embedded in the documents, such as an author’s name.
Postal mail

You can drop a letter or package in the mail to reporters at The Times Post. To maintain anonymity.

You can also contact us using any of the channels below and your identity will be protected.

Email: newstip@timespost.co.za

Chat on WhatsApp: +27 0630032547

Call: +27 0100655867