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The Times Post is a reputable news organization that prides itself on hiring exceptional journalists. We employ various methods to recruit talented individuals, ensuring that our hiring practices are flexible and prioritize diversity.

Methods of Talent Scouting

At The Times Post, we believe in actively seeking out talented individuals. One way we do this is by talent scouting at conferences and industry events. Our recruitment staff attends these events to identify potential candidates who possess the skills and qualities we value.

In addition to talent scouting, we also keep a close eye on the work of our competitors. By tracking the accomplishments and contributions of journalists in the industry, we can identify individuals who demonstrate exceptional talent and may be a good fit for our organization.

Furthermore, we make use of our online application databases to find potential candidates. Our recruitment staff thoroughly evaluates the qualifications and materials submitted through our online application system to determine if an applicant is a good fit for the desired position.

The Evaluation Process

Once an application is received, our recruitment staff carefully reviews the qualifications and materials provided by the applicant. We consider factors such as relevant experience, educational background, and the alignment of skills with the position requirements.

If an applicant meets our criteria, a recruiter may reach out for a phone interview to learn more about the individual and their professional background. This initial conversation allows us to gain a deeper understanding of the applicant’s qualifications and assess their potential fit within our organization.

The Job Interview

If the phone interview is successful, the next step in the hiring process is a job interview. The interview process may vary depending on the position being sought, but it typically involves meetings with the potential manager and department head.

At The Times Post, we value collaboration and teamwork. As a result, applicants may also be asked to meet members of The Times Post masthead, including senior editors and executives. This allows us to assess an applicant’s compatibility with our organizational culture and their ability to work effectively with different stakeholders.

For certain editing positions, applicants may be required to take an editing test as part of the interview process. This test helps us evaluate an applicant’s editing skills and their ability to meet the high standards of accuracy and quality that we uphold at The Times Post.

Finding Exceptional Talent

Our hiring practices are designed to identify and attract exceptional talent. We believe in creating a diverse and inclusive workforce that represents a wide range of perspectives and experiences. By prioritizing diversity in our hiring process, we ensure that our newsroom reflects the communities we serve.

If you are interested in joining The Times Post, we encourage you to apply our online application system. Our recruitment staff will carefully evaluate your qualifications and materials, and if you meet our criteria, you may be contacted for further interviews.

Join our team of exceptional journalists at The Times Post and contribute to our mission of delivering high-quality news and information to our readers.

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Internship Program

Our program is a 12-month paid program that can make a whole lot of difference in shaping an applicant’s career. Opportunities include newsroom and social media for now.

At The Times Post Company, we believe that there has never been a more exciting time to work in the field of journalism. As an intern with us, you will have the incredible opportunity to contribute to our mission of providing our readers with access to factual news.

As an intern, you will be an integral part of our team, working alongside experienced journalists and editors. You will have the chance to learn from the best in the industry and gain hands-on experience in various aspects of news production, from researching and fact-checking to writing and editing.

One of our core values at The Times Post Company is a commitment to delivering accurate and reliable news. As an intern, you will play a vital role in helping us achieve this goal. Your work will directly impact the quality of the content we produce and the trust our readers place in us. Applications for our intern program are closed at this time. Please, check back soon to see if they are open yet.