Ramokgopa Said Joburg Will Have Load-shedding During BRICS Summit

Ramokgopa Said Joburg Will Have Load-shedding During BRICS Summit - The Times Post
Ramokgopa Said Joburg Will Have Load-shedding During BRICS Summit.

According to power minister Kgosientsho Ramokgopa, Johannesburg would experience load shedding while hosting the 15th Brics conference later this month.

The summit will be held from August 22 to 24 at the Sandton Convention Centre. The minister of Electricity, Dr Ramokkgopa said, “For as long as generation does not meet demand, there is going to be load-shedding.

“Johannesburg will be expected, if there is load-shedding on the day, to make its contribution to ensure we protect the grid. How they allocate that, they will make that determination.

“If you happen not to see load-shedding on the day, it might be two things. One, we don’t have load-shedding by Eskom or, if there is no load-shedding at the BRICS events, it could be they are not on schedule as per Johannesburg’s schedule.”

According to International Relations and Cooperation Minister Naledi Pandor, “South Africa is ready for the summit.”

She said, “The first event on the Brics leaders’ programme is the business forum leaders’ dialogue on the afternoon of August 22.

The leaders will get a report on the outcomes of deliberations during the Brics business forum and will deliver statements on Brics economic relations.”

Following the business forum, leaders will gather in a private location for a “unscripted” discussion on current topics.

“There is no set agenda and leaders can initiate a discussion on issues of choice, such as Brics membership expansion, reform of global governance or use of local currencies,” Pandor said.

“Brics leaders are expected to discuss opportunities for realising the full potential of Brics for inclusive global economic recovery and sustainable development, strengthening mutually beneficial partnerships with Africa and the global south in a multipolar world.

“It will deepen and strengthen progressive multilateralism and deliver global governance reform, as well as address the marginalisation of women in peace processes and fostering an environment of peace and development.”


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