Somizi Mhlongo Poses In Front Of A Liquor Store Named After Him


Somizi Mhlongo Poses In Front Of A Liquor Store Named After Him - The Times Post
Somizi Mhlongo Poses In Front Of A Liquor Store Named After Him.

Somizi Mhlongo, the famous media personality, recently found himself hanging out at a local liquor store named after him. The store, aptly called Somizi Liquor Store, has become a popular spot for both fans and curious onlookers.

In a recent Instagram post, Somizi shared a photo of himself standing proudly in front of the store, captioning it with a playful “Inkinsela.”

The post garnered a mixed response from his followers, with some congratulating him on the store’s success, while others couldn’t help but comment on his appearance in the snap.

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“Yoh Yoh Yoh, congratulations!” one follower exclaimed, clearly impressed by Somizi’s latest venture. Another follower couldn’t resist making a comparison, humorously commenting, “You really look like Shebeshxt.”

The comment section was filled with similar reactions, with many admitting that they too initially mistook Somizi Mhlongo for the well-known personality.

It seems that Somizi’s larger-than-life personality has extended to his liquor store, becoming a place where fans can not only purchase their favorite drinks but also catch a glimpse of the star himself.

With his undeniable charm and wit, it’s no wonder that Somizi’s store has quickly become a hotspot for those seeking a taste of the celebrity lifestyle. But, is the liquor store his? Trust The Times Post to find out.

The Times Post Princess Mashele has contacted a Somizi source for comment and will share the reply when it comes.


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