Is This The ANC’s Hector Perterson Disgrace?

"Is the absence of government policing, public safety, judicial action, and respect for law and order not in itself a state crime?"

Is This The ANC's Hector Perterson Disgrace? - The Times Post
Is This The ANC's Hector Perterson Disgrace?.

One of the most significant iconic images punctuating the despicable history of Nazi apartheid ideology needs very little explanation. An innocent life taken at the hands of police brutality during the uprising in 1976 echoed across the globe, replicating the response of horror wherever it was exposed.

Just over a week ago, an excited, magnificent little 5-year-old boy ran outside to greet his father, who had just arrived home. Tragically, two deranged criminals attempting to hijack little Ditebogo’s father’s car shot and killed the little boy in cold blood.

It’s an astonishing reality that we accept the loss of life under the government of the ANC, as though it is just another tragedy resulting from rampant crime. The ANC remains blindly committed to taking up the protest of the loss of life in Gaza at war, rather than attending to the equivalent murder rate of our people, during “peace-time!”

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As a nation, we seem anaesthetized to the astronomical crime rate of our country, facilitated by a government that has lost all control and management of law and order. In their minds, in SA, where our murder rate is equivalent to, or greater than, the loss of lives in Gaza, Gaza’s lives mean more than ours to the ANC.

In 1976, during the uprising by our people against the apartheid regime, this single loss of life was enough to inspire the country and the world to act against the hideous apartheid government. At Marikana in 2012, the ANC’s police force shot dead 34 protesting miners. Such is the intolerance of the ANC for the people’s right to protest.

We hear of atrocities all over the country, horrific rape and murder of innocent people. Vulnerable women and children were left to maniacs to gang rape and kill at the same rate as the poor Palestinian women and children, with bombs raining down on them by an enemy.

But the ANC deflects their disgusting betrayal of our people deprived of security and protection by focusing on Israel and a country at war. Where is the admission of guilt from our government officials who’d rather turn a blind eye to our local atrocities by choosing to throw stones from our fragile glass house?

When will the South African citizens take action, and what will it take before the nation as a whole demands an end to the total neglect of our law enforcement structures, our judiciary, and authorities that seem to think it is acceptable for an almost equal loss of life right here at home, as much as those people killed in war? SA LIVES MATTER!

It is time to take up the cause against the ANC in respect of this little human life taken by mindless criminals.

It is time to bring about the demise of a government blatantly betraying its people, who cannot earn, live in appalling conditions, and have the hopes and dreams for their children shattered before their eyes. In everlasting memory of Ditebogo Junior Phalane. Sincere condolences to his family. Let’s never forget this!

Greg Norman wrote this article. He is a strategic communications specialist, an SA Patriot, and a political activist. Follow Greg on LinkedIn.

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