Mandela’s Grandson Says Auctioning Freedom Hero’s Belongings ”…Is A Disgrace”

"This is robbing the children of our country from being able to engage with where Madiba came from and how he lived."

Mandela's Grandson Says Auctioning Freedom Hero's Belongings ''...Is A Disgrace'' - The Times Post
Mandela's Grandson Says Auctioning Freedom Hero's Belongings ''...Is A Disgrace''.

Nelson Mandela’s grandson, Ndaba, has recently expressed his outrage over the auction of his grandfather’s personal belongings, calling it a disgrace. Mandela’s daughter, Makaziwe, had won a legal battle against the South African Heritage Resources Agency (Sahra) to auction off some of Mandela’s items.

The items include shirts, shoes, glasses, hearing aids, and his green ID book used during the historic 1994 elections.

The Gauteng High Court in Pretoria overturned the interdict sought by Sahra, stating that not all objects owned by a historical person can be considered heritage items. As a result, nearly 100 items owned by Mandela will be auctioned off, with the proceeds reportedly going towards funding a memorial garden in the Eastern Cape.

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Speaking to reporters, Ndaba expressed his concern about the auction, particularly questioning why a child would sell off her father’s ID. He stated, “This is robbing the children of our country from being able to engage with where Madiba came from and how he lived.”

Ndaba labeled the auction a “disgrace” and “an abomination,” emphasizing that the items should be in a museum where people can visit them and pay a fee to see them, ensuring their preservation and generating perpetual income.

Makaziwe, on the other hand, remained firm in her decision to proceed with the auction. She argued that Sahra has consistently lost in court and has no legal grounds to claim ownership of the items. According to The New York Times, she stated, “They’re trying to steal things that don’t belong to them.”

The Sport, Arts, and Culture Minister, Zizi Kodwa, voiced his opinion that the items should remain in South Africa, highlighting Nelson Mandela’s integral role in the country’s heritage. He emphasized the importance of preserving Mandela’s legacy and ensuring that his life’s work and experiences remain in the country for future generations.

Minister Kodwa stressed the significance of recording and sharing South Africa’s stories to deepen its heritage, stating, “The legacy of former president Mandela, and many others who have contributed to getting South Africa where it is today as a free, democratic, and culturally diverse nation, cannot be forgotten.”

Mandela’s Grandson further supported Sahra’s intervention in preserving the country’s rich heritage, emphasizing the need to maintain Mandela’s legacy and the contributions of others who have shaped South Africa’s history.

The auction of Nelson Mandela’s belongings has sparked a heated debate between family members, Sahra, and government officials.

While Ndaba Mandela and Minister Kodwa advocate for the preservation of the items within South Africa’s museums, Makaziwe Mandela remains determined to proceed with the auction, asserting her rights as the owner of the items.

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