Zahara Fighting From The Grave For Her Unpaid Dues

"I am a hard worker. The only thing I've ever done was to contribute and help her succeed."

Zahara Fighting From The Grave For Her Unpaid Dues - The Times Post
Zahara Fighting From The Grave For Her Unpaid Dues.

It seems that even death cannot silence the fiery spirit of the late award-winning artist, Zahara. In a shocking turn of events, a recorded clip of the singer has emerged, where she vehemently asserts that DJ Sbu, TK Nciza, and Nhlanhla Mafu still owe her money. Talk about fighting from the grave!

The Loliwe hitmaker, known for her soulful melodies and powerful voice, did not hold back in expressing her frustration. In the recorded clip, Zahara can be heard cursing DJ Sbu, TK, and Nhlanhla, suggesting that their misfortunes are a direct result of divine intervention. It seems that Jesus himself is taking matters into his own hands!

During Zahara’s funeral, held at the East London International Convention Centre, TK Nciza spoke fondly of the artist, claiming that she was an inspiration to many.

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He emphasized her pride in her background and how she aimed to inspire others from her hometown of Phumlani. But the recording tells a different story, revealing a strained relationship between Zahara and TK.

Following Zahara’s untimely passing on December 11, DJ Sbu was interviewed by Newzroom Afrika regarding the allegations of unpaid debts.

He adamantly denied owing her any money, stating that she received her royalties directly from Sheer Music Publishing and Universal Music. DJ Sbu even asserted his financial independence, proudly proclaiming, “I am a hard worker. The only thing I’ve ever done was to contribute and help her succeed.”

However, Zahara’s recorded conversation with a friend tells a different tale. She mentions DJ Sbu, the owner of TS Records, claiming that they are still indebted to her. It seems that the dispute between them remains unresolved, even in death. Talk about holding a grudge!

When approached for a comment, TK Nciza dismissed Zahara’s allegations as nonsense. He questioned why she would have any knowledge of his personal life and refused to dignify the claims with a response. Perhaps TK is hoping that silence will make the issue disappear, but it seems that Zahara’s voice will not be silenced.

The battle for unpaid dues is a common theme in the music industry, with artists often fighting tooth and nail to receive what they are rightfully owed. Zahara’s case is no different, and it serves as a reminder that even successful artists can find themselves entangled in financial disputes.

While it is unfortunate that Zahara’s legacy is now overshadowed by this controversy, it is important to remember her immense talent and the impact she had on the music industry. Her soul-stirring melodies touched the hearts of many, and her untimely passing left a void that will never be filled.

As for the ongoing feud between Zahara, DJ Sbu, TK Nciza, and Nhlanhla Mafu, only time will tell if a resolution can be reached. In the meantime, let’s remember Zahara for the incredible artist she was and hope that her music continues to inspire and uplift others.

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