Ranaka Sisters Reunite As Year Of Silence Ends With Holiday Bonding

"We fight, and we are not pretentious towards one another. This year has tested our bond."

Ranaka Sisters Reunite As Year Of Silence Ends With Holiday Bonding - The Times Post
Ranaka Sisters Reunite As Year Of Silence Ends With Holiday Bonding.

Every holiday season is a time for families to come together, rest, and bond. And for the Ranaka family, it’s no different. With their parents, Nonceba and Kgotlaesele Ranaka, and their siblings, Manaka, Dineo, Mpumi, Ziggy, Ranaka, Mzingisi, and the grandchildren, the Ranakas have always celebrated the holidays in a big way.

However, this year, they’ve decided to keep things small and intimate, focusing on immediate family. “We didn’t plan too much this year,” Manaka tells ZiMoja. “We never really plan or know until the last minute. But before we had kids, there used to be this routine of us meeting at a relative’s house.

“Everybody would bring food and drinks, and we would share. When we had kids, we continued for a bit. But now that we’re older and extremely busy with our own families, we’d rather just keep it to immediate family.”

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While the Ranaka sisters, Dineo, Mpumi, and Manaka, often appear as a united force, they also face their fair share of sibling issues. “We fight, and we are not pretentious towards one another. This year has tested our bond,” Mpumi admits.

“In fact, Manaka and Mpumi revealed that they hadn’t spoken for an entire year. “Four of us were not talking. I won’t elaborate as to why. This was a huge deal for us. But the way we worked it out is important. It means we get to have a good festive season together,” Manaka explains.

The holiday season is not only a time for relaxation and bonding for the Ranakas, but it’s also an opportunity to make extra money through gigs, appearances, and hosting. “What a great time to do this with us as a family being in a happy place and on speaking terms,” Manaka adds.

Mpumi also shares that it would have been sad for her to get married without her sisters being there. Luckily, the sisters have since reunited and celebrated their father’s 80th birthday together.

Being in the limelight while dealing with personal issues can be tough, but the Ranaka sisters are determined to navigate through it all. Manaka reflects on her 43rd birthday this year, stating that it was a year of self-awareness and feeling re-awakened.

“I survived COVID-19, and everything started there for me,” she reveals. “Turning 40 felt like a revelation and a rebirth. It was self-realization. I’m feeling the same way about 2023. I have the guts to go for anything I want, whether it be in relationships or pursuing my dreams.”

Manaka emphasizes that 2023 was a year of awakening and that 2024 will be a year of action. “I learned never to go back. Onward we go. Never go back to past relationships or situations. I’m a giver, and that won’t change. This year, I’ve learned valuable lessons. I have that ‘sundiqhela kak’bi’ energy now,” she declares.

Looking ahead to 2024, Manaka hopes to do better and be better. She doesn’t believe in making New Year’s resolutions or putting unnecessary pressure on herself. Instead, she focuses on trying her best and avoiding the pitfalls of depression. “This year, I tried, and that’s what I plan to do in 2024,” she concludes.

The Ranaka sisters have shown that even amid personal challenges, family bonds can be mended and strengthened during the holiday season. As they come together to celebrate and reflect on the past year, they remind us all of the importance of love, forgiveness, and growth within our own families.

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