Nigerians Hail Burna Boy’s Verse On “Tshwala Bam” Remix

"Burna Boy sang fluently in Yoruba and Igbo on 'Tshwala Bam,' a South African song, and he nailed it thoroughly."

Nigerians Hail Burna Boy’s Verse On “Tshwala Bam” Remix - The Times Post
Nigerians Hail Burna Boy’s Verse On “Tshwala Bam” Remix.

Nigerian superstar Burna Boy has once again proven his musical prowess with his remarkable verse on the remix of the amapiano hit track “Tshwala Bam” by Titom and Yuppe featuring S.N.E.

The remix has been creating waves on social media, drawing attention and admiration from fans across the globe.

The original “Tshwala Bam” track had already achieved significant success, becoming the first South African song in three years to claim the number 1 spot on Apple Music in Nigeria without the inclusion of any Nigerian artist.

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The song has also amassed over 100 million streams on various music platforms, solidifying its status as a chart-topper.

Additionally, the accompanying dance challenge has garnered an impressive 11.5 billion views on TikTok, further highlighting the song’s widespread appeal and influence.

Following the release of the remix featuring Burna Boy, the Nigerian artist swiftly became the centre of attention on Twitter, with fans expressing their admiration for his seamless integration into the South African amapiano track.

Notably, this collaboration is not the first instance of Burna Boy joining forces with South African artists, as he has previously worked with acclaimed talents such as Master KG, DJ Maphorisa, and AKA.

One fan eloquently captured the sentiment surrounding Burna Boy’s contribution, stating, “Burna Boy sang fluently in Yoruba and Igbo on ‘Tshwala Bam,’ a South African song, and he nailed it thoroughly.

“With every song and verse, he continues to showcase why he is the most talented and versatile artist, solidifying his position as the greatest to ever do it.

“He effortlessly elevates any song he collaborates on, regardless of language or genre, and his unmatched influence ensures that the record’s success is maximized.”

The fans’ sentiments encapsulate the widespread appreciation for Burna Boy’s ability to infuse his unique style and cultural elements into diverse musical landscapes, enriching each collaboration and leaving an indelible mark on the global music scene.

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