Opposition Leader Nelson Chamisa Of CCC Shares His Vision Before Zim Elections

Opposition Leader Nelson Chamisa Of CCC Shares His Vision Before Zim Elections - The Times Post
Opposition Leader Nelson Chamisa Of CCC Shares His Vision Before Zim Elections.

Zimbabwean opposition leader Nelson Chamisa promised to unite a divided nation and economic prosperity during his final election rally on Monday.

Addressing thousands of supporters at Robert Mugabe Square in central Harare, Chamisa said he will win the election by a “wide margin”.

“Zimbabwe, our time has come, this is our time. l can tell you from what I have seen across the country, we have won this election and we are going to win by a wide margin,” he told cheering supporters.

On Wednesday, millions of Zimbabweans will cast their votes to elect councillors, MPs and a president.

Chamisa, 45, an ordained church pastor, trained lawyer and leader of the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) will contest the polls for the second time in five years against incumbent President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

The charismatic preacher is seen as a symbol of hope and possibility of a better life for Zimbabweans. In an election running against the background of high inflation and economic decline, Chamisa promised to restore the economy and dignity of Zimbabweans.

“We are going to restore the dignity of professionals — for teachers, doctors, nurses and civil servants. We are going to restore the economy and have an economy for everyone. We are a party for everyone, we are going to unite Zimbabwe. As a country, we are too divided on the basis of politics. One of my tasks on assuming the reins of government is to bring the nation together,” said Chamisa.

He has been on the campaign trail for months, traversing the country. Some of his rallies were banned, with many CCC activists arrested, and in early August an activist was killed during an ambush at a planned rally by alleged governing party supporters.

In 2018, Chamisa secured 2.2-million votes and believed he won the presidential election but that it was rigged by Mnangagwa, who garnered 2.46-million votes and was declared the winner.

Chamisa often quotes bible verses and scriptures and described the polls in biblical terms as “David against Goliath”, declaring he will win the poll. The opposition leader declared August 22 a day of prayer for a peaceful election.


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